GRYPVYN™ ShootWear Re-Engineered!

Posted on 15 March 2017

I am very excited to announce our new line of GRYPVYN™ products, an innovation in Shoot Wear created exclusively by and for HardFocus Designs™!  Finally, a shooting shirt specifically engineered for today’s performance fabrics!  Instead of a patch or pad, GRYPVYN™ is a flexible material that improves the mounting surface without restricting air flow or motion – you’ll hardly know it’s there!

In recent years, most sports have seen a steady stream of improvements in apparel design and functionality. In our sport; however, the basic shooting shirt with a fabric or leather patch that covers the shoulder has remained unchanged for decades.  While this is still a great configuration for the heavier materials, it does not translate well to the lightweight fabrics so popular these days.

Why are we so excited about GRYPVYN™?  As the days go from warm to hot to sweltering (especially in the South), many of us prefer to forgo the shooting vest and hunting shirts for a simple cotton or poly tee or even a polo. I’ve sometimes wished that my tee, especially a slick poly tee, had a better surface to mount on.  Several years ago, I had a shooting patch put on a cotton tee. Two problems: (1) the patch material was stiffer than the cotton tee and rode up on my shoulder when I raised the gun, and (2) I got hot and sweaty under the patch!  I never got around to trying this with a poly shirt, but I’m guessing the outcome would be the same or worse.

A few months ago, I started working on this idea again. After a lot of research, many conversations with people more knowledgeable than I and a bunch of trial and error, GRYPVYN™ was born! GRYPVYN™ is a vinyl based material roughly 600 microns thick, has a “felt like” texture and can be bonded to the surface of various fabrics.  Just to be clear, GRYPVYN™ is not a shooting pad – it is not intended to reduce recoil but rather improve the mounting surface of the fabric.  We apply it in patterns that promote gun grip but allow air to flow and the shirt to remain completely flexible. 

Our lightweight cotton Vintage Tee, Slub Knit Cruiser, PK Polo and our new Poly Slick Shot raglan style tee are now offered with GRYPVYN™, So whether you prefer the feel of cotton, a soft blend, a slick poly or want a collared polo for a round of FITASC Sporting® – we’ve got you covered!  And there’s a bonus: it looks great!

We hope you’ll try one of our GRYPVYN™ shirts.  They are available ONLY FROM HardFocus Designs™ and proudly Made In USA!


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