Farewell, Bert.

Posted on 09 November 2016

This past Sunday, I along with many old friends from the now defunct Social Shooting Club gathered at Big Red Oak Plantation to say our final goodbyes to Bert Schmitz. 

Bert was a man that wore many hats and touched many hearts.  He was a husband and father to some, organizer, instructor, negotiator to many and friend to all.  While I did not know Bert as well as many of those there, I can sincerely say that Bert’s friendship had a profound impact on me.  I remember that first time that I showed up to an SSC shoot, a complete novice that barely knew one end of a shotgun from the other.  He welcomed me into the SSC with genuine warmth and kindness and his subsequent advice, guidance and instruction over the years played a significant role in my love for the game today. I dare say, even my starting this business venture can be attributed in part to Bert.

So, while I may have arrived at Big Red Oak with a heavy heart, Bert’s friendship inspired me once again as these thoughts went through my mind as we gathered on that very beautiful Sunday and placed his ashes between two lovely Evergreens on the FITASC field that he loved so much.  So long, Bert. Thanks, for everything.

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