Posted on 06 April 2018

Well, its been about 10 years since I’ve needed any professional level work done on a gun.  I bought a new gun a couple of months ago; however, I’m not of average size and stocks simply do not fit me off the shelf.  I knew I’d need stock work done but I wanted to put a few rounds through it to get to know the gun first.  When it was time, the first name that came to mind was Mike Sherman of PMS Firearms.  Mike has worked on guns for me in the past, but it has been at least 10 years.  When I checked his website (; I couldn’t believe my luck -  he and Granny were set up at Big Red Oak Plantation in Gay, Georgia – less than two hours away!

So, let me get to the point of this blog which is this:  to re-engage with Mike is to re-engage with a real professional. Someone, who knows their craft, listens carefully to the customer yet is experienced enough to understand his or her needs with minimum explanation, provides reliable schedule and cost estimate and meets them. In short, all the hallmarks of good customer service.

Like clockwork, the afternoon before the expected completion date, I received a text from Mike saying my gun is ready.  The next morning, I drove over to check out his handiwork: of course, perfect!  Now, I don’t need to plug Mike and Granny; they are well known and well respected in the clay shooting community. However, when I come across someone doing something completely right – I think it’s worth commenting on!

HardFocus owner Bob visiting Mike and Granny

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