Shout Out to ClayShootingUSA Magazine

Posted on 17 February 2017

It’s a couple of weeks into February and the new shooting season is well underway – especially, down here in the South where the weather is so accommodating. I’ve only had a chance to shoot one registered event so far because we’ve been so busy getting our offerings for Spring ready; however, it was a great shoot at Barnsley Gardens near Rome, Georgia. It’s a wonderful venue and if you haven’t had a chance to shoot their course, I highly recommend it.

Meanwhile, back to the topic at hand. I want to thank all the wonderful folks at ClayShootingUSA magazine and especially John Imboden for including us in the Retail Therapy section of the January – February 2017 issue. 

If you already subscribe to ClayShootingUSA, then you know what a great magazine it is.  The coverage of events, issues, as well as, product reviews is comprehensive with just the right amount of detail to be entertaining without being tedious. The pictures are top quality and the entire publication exudes class and professionalism.  Since this is one of the few publications that I save, I looked in the cabinet to see what my first issue was. It was the November-December 2006 issue and it features a picture from the NSCA Nationals on the cover. All I can say is that subscriptions from other magazines have come and gone but ClayShootingUSA continues to hold my attention issue after issue and year after year – ten years so far and counting!

Once again, thanks so much to everyone at ClayShootingUSA for the great job that you do. We are overjoyed to have been included in such a fine publication.

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