HardFocus On America

HardFocus on America


When I first thought about launching a lifestyle brand specifically for those who love clay target sports, as I do, I not only thought about the kinds of product I’d like to offer but also the people I have been so fortunate to meet on various clay courses over the years and now have the privilege to call friends. 

While our backgrounds may vary in terms of profession, ethnicity, economic standing and even our interests off the course, I find that there are some things that we share: a love for the game, as well as, a desire to see our nation prosper.

As I began putting a business plan in place for my brand, of course, I started looking very carefully at what others had to offer. I’d never noticed it before, but many of the product descriptions that I looked at all ended with the word “IMPORTED.”  My wife and I decided that we would do things differently and resolved to do our best to offer primarily American made goods to deliver a superior product and to help keep jobs at home. 

We know that there may be times when we have to carry an imported item in order to fulfill a demand because sadly some fabrics are no longer manufactured here.  But we will always try our best to carry only American Made products!

Thank you, for your support and keep HardFocus On America!

Bob Alam, Owner


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