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HardFocus Established 2016


A couple of years shy of my 50th birthday, a friend introduced me to sporting clays.  Since I didn’t grow up in a hunting and fishing family, I had no experience with a shotgun and if I recall correctly, I didn’t break but a handful. I’d tried other games such as golf, but I never got the bug. But after that very first time on the clays course, I knew I was hooked! As for taking up a new sport on the brink of middle age, I never expected to become a serious competitor (and believe me, I haven’t) but over the years I did develop a love for the game, as well as, many wonderful friendships on the course.  

Those of us that are passionate about the sport have long realized that it simply does not receive the level of attention, support or even respect as do many others.  It seems like other sporting communities have recognizable brands that immediately associate the wearer with a sport or activity – fisherman, tennis players and, of course, golfers.  

It occurred to me that we should have a brand that shows our connection with clay target sports but not just as a promotional item for a manufacturer, organization or club.  It should be a brand that stands on its own as a statement of a lifestyle whether we are on or off the course.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking anything from the wonderful technical gear that’s available such as clays vests or shell bags.  But while a great clays vest may be essential on the course, you may not want to wear it to a business lunch! However, a quality polo is functional on the course but perfectly at home in a nice restaurant or at the office.  

With this vision in mind, I started this company.  HardFocus Designs™ is dedicated to promoting mainstream recognition for the clay target sports by offering a fashion forward, life style brand of American made apparel that provides the clay target enthusiast function and style both on and off the course. 

So, whether your game is Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap, FITASC or another clay target discipline, we hope that you will help us establish the HardFocus™ brand so that lovers of clay target games like us can show our passion and enthusiasm for our sport.

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Bob Alam, Owner

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